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Hi My name is Amina Batts, and I am a dedicated Real Estate sales agent in Houston,Texas and I have the honor to work for Realty Kings Properties, a company with which share a lot of my own  values such as the value of education. One of the best things about me is both my desire to learn and better myself, but also to TEACH and educate my clients so that they may make informed decisons that will very well impact their lives in a substantial way. Both my passion for education and my talent for connecting and harmonzing with all kinds of people has allowed me to go above and beyond for my clients to ensure I am helping my them as though they are my own family. I aim to provide warmth, encouragement and guidance throughout their homebuying or selling process so that when things get tough they know who has the aswers and who to turn to for advice.  My aim is to empower my clients with the confidence and know-how in order to accomplish all of their homebuying and selling goals!