Are More homes coming to the market?

Are Going to be More Homes Coming to the Market?

According to a recent analysis from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one of the top challenges buyers face in today’s housing market is finding a home that meets their needs. That’s largely because the inventory of homes for sale is so low in the current market.

If you’re looking to buy a house, you may have noticed this yourself. But there is good news. Recent data shows more sellers are listing their houses this season, which may give you more options for your choose from and find what best fits your needs.

Inventory May Be Growing

This indicates more sellers are listing their homes for sale each month this year. According to, this growth is expected to continue. Their investigation finds Most of potential sellers plan to list their homes over the next six months.

Homes Are Still Selling Quickly

But while new listings are increasing, it’s important to know they’re also selling quickly.  The time on market has decreased month-over-month. That means homes are selling even faster than they did the previous month.With multiple offers scenarios due to the high amount of Buyers and still low amount of Sellers.

What That Means for You

While a low-inventory market is difficult to navigate as a Buyers, there is hope. The growing number of new listings and the expectation more sellers will list their homes in the coming months is excellent news if you’ve had a hard time finding a home that fits your needs. Just remember, those new listings are going fast. That means you’ll want to keep your foot on the gas and be prepare to act if you find a home you love this season.

Your real estate agent can help you stay on top of the latest listings in your area that way you can find the home that’s right for you and submit your strongest offer as quickly as possible.


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