How I acquired 2 properties before the age of 25!

What better way to kick off a new year than to be inspired by a local success story? We hear about outside celebrities all the time and sometimes we just need a very relatable inside character. Roy Phan is a Houstonian who decided to achieve his financial independence and reaching his goal before the age of 25.  

This is Roy's story: 
My goal was to make a living doing what I loved. Sadly, I did not have the right degree or enough money. I was unhappy with my situation and that made me want to improve my future. My main driving force was to be able to provide financially for my parents. I planned with detailed paths and milestones that would help me achieve my dream.

I studied and lived in Japan before my move to Houston. While I studied in Japan, I purposefully spent months learning about the US economy, credit, mortgage lending, APR, amortizations, and Roth IRA to fulfill my dream to buy my first house in Houston.

I moved to the US with my dad in October of 2018 and during that time we struggled financially. We did not have money to do anything that we wanted to do. My father did not understand or speak English and he was working at local restaurants barely making a minimum wage income. We both worked at restaurants hustling just to make ends meet. 

I eventually secured my first full-time job; I was hired by my current real-estate firm (Realty Kings Properties). I worked tirelessly and learned so much about real-estate than with online schooling. I worked 60-80 hours per week, and it was not an easy feat for me. However, in 6 months, I was able to build up my credit score to 741. I finally saved enough money and got approved for my first home loan.

In September of 2019, I bought my first house with Realty Kings Properties. To pay for half of my mortgage, I rented out my master bedroom in the house. I was extremely frugal, so I cut my expenses everywhere possible. I saved up $30,000 alone just by living below my means. I decided to continue investing in real estate by purchasing a fixer upper. Exactly one year after I purchased my first home, I got approved for my second property in September 2020. I want to use this fixer-upper to learn more about the house renovation process. I want to challenge and dedicate myself to this project.

This is my story of how I was able to acquire 2 properties before I turned 25 years old. This process comes with a lot of sacrifice and risks but for me, it was worth the sweat, blood, and tears.
Roy exemplified the fact that if you believed in yourself and worked hard, you can achieve your dream even when faced with real-life obstacles. This is a new year (2021), your life is in your own hands. If you don't work hard, there is very little chance you will get to your goal but if you work hard like Roy, you can get to your goal with odds on your side. 

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