Tips For Increasing Your Home Appraisal Value

A house appraisal is only one aspect of the process when selling or refinancing a property, but it's one aspect that you have a lot of control over. A little preparation before an appraiser arrives will go a long way toward increasing the worth of your house for an appraisal. To prepare for an appraiser's visit, you should follow these tips in increasing your home appraisal value. 

What to Do

The duty of a home appraiser is simple: assess the current fair market value of your property. As a seller, you want to do everything possible to persuade the appraiser that your asking price is reasonable. There are several things you should do to ensure that your house is properly appraised:

  • Find a qualified and knowledgeable appraiser.
  • Put yourself in the position of the appraiser. Consider your property in the same manner that they will – with a critical eye.
  • Use your understanding of the appraisal to properly prepare your house.

Take Care of Your Home’s Interior

An appraisal is not the time to have a toilet that is running or a dripping faucet. These are simple improvements that should be completed before an appraiser visits. Arm yourself with a paintbrush and make sure to touch up your paint from everyday wear and tear. You don't get a second chance at making a good first impression, so make sure the house looks as nice as it did on the day its photos were taken.

The cleanliness of your home should have no bearing on the appraiser's valuation of it. However, the appraiser is a human being, and whatever you can do to make the appraisal’s visit to your house as pleasant as possible helps improve the home value during the appraisal. Doing a deep cleaning of your home before the appraiser arrives will not hurt.

Don’t Forget About Your Home’s Exterior

Make sure your home's curb appeal is excellent, just as you would while showing it or preparing it for listing images. If you have a dead limb on your tree, remove it. Is that a rickety fence post? Make sure it's safe. These are modest modifications that won't cost you anything, but you shouldn't allow the appraiser the chance to create a work order. Depending on how long your property has been on the market, its exterior may benefit from paint touch-ups, new mulch, and a power washing. Make careful to check the roof so that you can replace any missing shingles before the appraiser points them out.

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