Property Tax Protest

Protest Your Property Taxes and $ave Money!

As a Homeowner you have an option to protest your property taxes for FREE!!!

To protest your taxes means to challenge what the appraisal district says your property is worth, based on a number of factors. The more the district says your property is worth, the higher your property tax will be at the end of the year.



April 15

This is about the time that you’ll receive your appraisal notice, the valuation that your appraisal district believes your property is worth. This is what they intend to tax you on. The valuation is not set in stone, so it’s possible to protest and get the valuation changed. If you do not protest, this is the value that you’ll be taxed on.

May 15

This is the date by which you need to file your protest with the county – usually. Every county has its own appraisal district, and every appraisal district has its own way of doing things. Texas Tax Code simply states that the protest deadline is no later than May 15th or the 30th day after the date of notice (appraisal notice) to the property owner was delivered (Texas Tax Code 41.44). Though it varies a little bit from county to county, every appraisal district is required to accept protests through May 15. 


Home Values

We can Provide you with the Free Tax Protest CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and you can take that with you to the appraisal district when protesting your property taxes. The Report will be generated by Realty Kings Properties and it is complimentary; we don’t charge any fees to help you with the information. The CMA will provide market data which you can utilize in negotiating with the taxing authorities to help you lower your property taxes. Fill out the form below to request your Free CMA.

Note: This CMA is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. It is advisable to seek guidance from qualified professionals to ensure comprehension and accurate utilization when utilizing a CMA to protest property values.

You can Contact the local taxing authorities below for more information and if filing for other properties than your primary residence please check with appraisal district on the rules and regulations.


HARRIS County Appraisal District

BRAZORIA County Appraisal District

FORT BEND County Appraisal District

MONTGOMERY County Appraisal District