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Pink Elementary School10

Frisco, TX | Denton County


September 2, 2014

I'm honestly shocked at the number of 5 star ratings. As another post stated, if you have a child with different needs, don't go here. Even my typical child loved the new school that he moved to after leaving Pink far better. The PE teachers and music teacher are not creating a love for learning. The regular teachers - some are great, but others are snooty and don't want to deal with a child that is outside of the box. The overall feel of the school is snooty and unfriendly, especially the PTA. The principal is distant unless you make her mad. She doesn't hide her feelings well and does tend to blame parents.

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July 18, 2014

We came from out of state and our previous elementary school was #1 in the state so I cannot help but compare. Academics here are good and the teachers communicate every week via email to the parents. I appreciate all homework for the week is given on Monday. They are mostly paperless and a lot of the homework is completed online which I think is good. It's the way of the world right now. Unfortunately, this school is severely lacking in arts and music which is why I am only giving 4 stars. It's also not very culturally diverse. Nice, clean campus; fairly new construction and I can't complain about the 2 block walk. The recess area is a bit barren and small. Overall satisfied.

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April 28, 2013

I liked this school at 1st. Most teachers from 1st-4th work well with parents & are helpful. Watch out for 5th grade! We faced the first F & Cs. The teachers don't tell us until it's too late. They hardly tell us when anything is due. They contribute to the problem & lowered my child's self esteem. It's not just the 5th grade teachers. The music teacher is burned out & didn't bother to show the parents her room during open house. Also, Pink keeps using the same substitute that doesn't work well with parents or kids with special needs. If you love this school, great, since you're blessed with motivated, non-special needs kids w/out behavior concerns. Be grateful! But don't dismiss those with negative experiences, for their bad experiences are genuine. You can love the neighborhood and dislike the school. Ask the school how many pulled their kids out due to not meeting their needs. I know of for sure 3 & now I might be one of them. I keep trying to make it work. I want it to work, but I see it is not. I scored them low because I don't wish this on anyone. I may pull my youngest out before 5th if the same team is there and nothing is done about the substitute and the music teacher.

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October 9, 2012

We love this school as well. This is our third year at PINK and we come from a family of eductators (though neither of us are educators). As my parents always said, there are always going to be people who believe the school is at fault.... In this case, as it happens in many well-off areas - its most likely the parents and not the school. The Principal and the Assistant Principal are very caring and extremely involved. Don't let a few negative posters fool you.. There is a reason the houses sell almost immediately in our neighborhood - people want in to PINK.

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September 20, 2012

We love this school. This is only our second year at Pink, but we have had nothing but a positive experience. Our kids have thrived in this school. We feel that the administration truly does care about our kids. We moved from another state and have another school to compare to. We are all so much happier at this school.

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February 8, 2012

It is my opinion that the principal is unprofessional to parents. Children at the school are restricted to the extreme. It is a culture where parents paint a fake smile on their faces and act as if they are involved with the school when they are really only allowed to provide free office work. If your child has a problem or issue the principal points fingers at the parents as if the school issue is instead a problem at home. In my opinion, she really only wants parents out of her hair.

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December 30, 2011

Overall we are extremely pleased with Pink. Our involvement is encouraged with Watchdog DADS and the PTA and we feel welcome on campus. The teachers are very caring and they challenge my child daily to help him grow and learn. If you could give 4.5 stars I would because no one is perfect, but this school is Excellent! We purchased in GP to be close to school, and we know we made a great decision.

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December 21, 2011

It is unfortunate that a few people had bad expericences, and want to slander a very highly sought after elementary school, with an outstanding staff. My daughter is treated very well while being challenged, but not pressured. I love everything about Pink, and also specifically bought in Griffin Parc for my child to be able to attend.

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October 28, 2011

This is a very bad school, principal can't care less about the children, she has her own "circle of favorite kids", she is a phony and very unpleasant individual. I was sooo happy to move out of that neighborhood, my every day was spoiled because i knew my kids need to go to that horrible school. Stay away.....

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July 21, 2011

Run as fast as you can from this school. It is THE WORST CAMPUS in Frisco. Bethany Rowan, principal, is only in it for the TAKS test and recognition of exemplary campus. She could CARE LESS about children that are outside of the "perfect student". The special education department is a JOKE. Children are not allowed to be individuals here. Find another campus - if you have a child with any kind of disability, AD/HD, autism, dyslexia, or the like, DO NOT GO TO PINK.

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January 4, 2011

I absolutely LOVE this school! My son began his education in a Montessori school. When I asked him which school he likes the most, he said Pink. The environment is set for learning. The students there appear happy. It is unusual to see students walking through the halls with a bubble in their mouth. However, it they are allowed to walk through the hallways making noise, it disturbs those in the classroom. And we are not from Texas.

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October 21, 2010

The principal of this school, Mrs. Rowan has set a very defensive and unapproachable culture. Most of the staff is very unfriendly and unprofessional. If you have a child that always follows direction, is always quiet and never questions, then this might be an OK school for them, but if you have a child who is an independent thinker, you might want to consider a different school. This school is more like a prison for children. No talking in the hallways and classroom. Kids have to walk with a bubble in their mouth throughout the campus, and 10 minutes before lunch is over, the disco lights go on, and again children must put the bubble back in their mouth. Very unjust! It seems like at this school children are to be seen and not heard. So sad that we are taking their voice away and stifling their creative spirits. In my opinion we are digressing instead of evolving in our schools.

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April 15, 2010

Not sure what the couple of 'negative' posters experienced, but I find it very unlikely that a large percentage of Pink families feel or view anything negative about this school. Just take tour! Everyone is friendly! We specifically built in this area so that our daughter could attend this fabulous school. She has been there for 4 years now and absolutely loves it. She is in the gifted and talented program, so if your child needs to be challenged, they will! The Principal and the Asst Principal know my child by name and that in itself makes a child feel special. Every one of her teachers have been great and wonderful communicators. Parent involvement is at the level you want it to be. Yes, I have lunch with my child, but do I want to invade on her time at recess with her friends... no... what for? LOVE THE SCHOOL!

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March 24, 2010

We love this school and Mrs. Rowan and Mr. Anderson. They are very visible, unlike some other schools in the district and know the kids names. It is a real family community. We have two kids in the school and one is in special ed. It took awhile to get the help, but the teachers are all great! I don't know what the one parent was talking about when they said parents aren't encouraged to help. I help all the time and it is very much appreciated and asked for! As far as not being able to go out with the kids at recess - go have lunch with your child and then give hugs and kisses and let them have fun and exert some energy. You can always come back on the weekend to the playground if you want :)

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March 22, 2010

The school is really bad, apparently only local people like, but if you are from another state you will see how bad the school is..... No parental envolving, very low-level teachers, you can't get to the child's classroom, can't meet him on the playground during the recess, overall i am extremily dissapointed, even though when we moved to Texas, everybody was saying that that's a great school. There is absolutely nothing great about this schooln to say the least.

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