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Bradley Elementary School8

El Paso, TX | El Paso County


October 25, 2013

I can't believe how bad this school is. The principal never returns your call. There are a few good teachers but most of them are there just for the money. I don't know what happened to all the good teachers that used to work there. Some teachers have been there so long and there are some that are constantly yelling at kids. Everybody knows who they are and the principal is doing nothing about it because she's been there a long time. Everyone talks about this teacher and it seems that she hates kids. She is clearly there only for her paycheck and her retirement payment. It is really sad that many of us send our kids there because we don't have a choice. Some teachers have tenure so they do whatever they want. The one teacher I mentioned is known by all and everyone in the school can hear her yell DURING CLASS. The students that don't even have her know her. It is ridiculous that she can't get fired. I believe if a teacher is no longer interested in teaching the children, then they shouldn't be there. This is why public education is going downhill. Can you believe the public school system?! This is why public schools can't get better.

Submitted by a parent

February 24, 2012

My child is now a fifth grader and has always attended Bradley. I understand that there are probably some teachers at Bradley that should probably not be teaching and did chose the wrong career, but I can only imagine that most of the teachers work very hard. For one of the reviews to generalize and say those awful remarks about all of the teachers collecting paychecks and lack of intelligence is just ridiculous. I know that parent could not generalize when they have no idea how all the teachers are inside their classrooms. That comment is just made out of anger and apparently spite. To be honest it is just ignorant. My son had wonderful teachers all the way through his years. Yes, I have requested a few, and was happy the requests were approved. The only thing I can say to be negative about Bradley now, would be the principal. Never see her, no established discipline plan implemented and forgets everything. I think its time for her to go. She can't even get people out in the parking lot to make sure the kids are safe. It is very dangerous not having a pick up and drop off system. It does get pretty crazy after school. She is never any where around.

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February 2, 2012

Honestly I think if it hadn't been for the great teachers my son has had the last two years, I would have tried to put him in another school. The teachers he has had have been wonderful, but my biggest issue is with the principal. My son is now in second grade, started Kinder at this school and I can count on one hand how many times I have seen our principal. It wasn't until the last week of Kindergarten that I saw her for the first time and that's unacceptable. I think a principal should be more involved with the day to day things in a school. I even volunteered quite a bit and still never saw her. The PTA is a joke. They knew at the end of last school year that we needed wood chips under the playground equipment in order to be able to keep it and it's only getting done now after the kids not having their equipment to play on for months. The after school pickup is a joke. The teachers do a great job handling the kids but there needs to be someone there to handle the parents who think it's okay to park where ever they want. There are no crossing guards which is a serious concern since so many cross over the four lanes of Rushing. It's the biggest mess I have ever seen.

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December 17, 2011

Adult supervision is severely lacking. The teachers at this school are not educators and are simply there to collect a paycheck;; perhaps there was nothing else that they were able to accomplish at their level of intelligence. If you are considering sending your child to this school, your child will fall by the wayside. If possible, avoid this school. If it were possible to rate this school with zero stars, I would.

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December 1, 2008

My children have been attending this school for the past three years. I have noticed that the school has gone down hill with the new principal. They are very unorganized. There is only one good teacher in each grade level. In order to get a good teacher you need to put in a request the year before, and you are not promised anything. I believe that the people who are close to the principle get t he good teacher. I am in the process of asking the school board for a transfer to a different school. I have spoken to a lot of parents who are planning on doing the same thing. I would not recommend this school to anyone. At all!

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August 7, 2008

I have worked at Bradley for two years, and it is overall a close knit school. Yes, there are areas for improvement, but overall the kids are loved, well taught, cared for, and high expectations for them. I personally know almost all the kids and make my best efforts to make a difference whether academic, social, behavioral, or otherwise. Currently, I am the school counselor and would love for my future children to attend.

July 8, 2008

I have a child in 2nd. This school has strong teachers in most grade levels (you should ask for advice on who the strong teachers are to other parents). The principal and administration need to set up better dicipline and tutorial plans for the school. Overall I've been happy with my child's education.

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May 27, 2008

I have two children that attend this school. My oldest is in second grade and is doing ok. My youngest is in kindergarten. He has his issues. The teachers are wonderful, the principle and other staff lack a great deal of education on autism.

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