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Joe Hubenak Elementary School10

Rosenberg, TX | Fort Bend County


March 22, 2015

Be ware if your child has a learning disability, as a parent I had to pay $850 to independently test my child for dyslexia because this schools administration fought me on the issue. I even requested an ARD meeting and demanded a test for dyslexia be performed...to no surprise the results were skewed to ensure my son was not admitted into the 504 program. Consequently my son went through two more years of agony and bullying at this school due to lack of accommodations. Now I am in the process of hiring an attorney because my son is not the only child that has unfortunately had to endure this type of negligence. The school is run like a military, but if your child does not need accommodations and can test well, you will be fine. If they do not test well, the administration will only recommend retention without an effort to address underlying issues...or in my case, to get a letter from the pediatrician that my son has "attending issues" when they really have a learning disability. Please don't bother voicing your concerns to the school board because they so not return calls or return emails. I wish this was all a bad dream, because I love my home but hate the district zoning.

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March 16, 2015

This is the first year at Hubenak for our 4th and 5th grader. We absolutely love it! The teachers go above and beyond to communicate any weaknesses and area of improvements for our children, as well as compliment their strengths. Wonderful PTA and the front office has always been courteous and considerate of our needs.

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November 24, 2014

We are very please with the school and staff. Our daughter is happy and has learned so much in such a short time ,and her behavior has improved as well over all the school is great and the dedictated tteachers are wonderful .

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September 18, 2014

My kids have been here since it opened in 09-10. I have plenty of experience with this school. The principal runs it like a military. IE: Students must walk down halls with arms crossed over their chest. If caught uncrossed teachers give color changes, take away husky bucks and/or recess, etc. Teacher turnaround is alarming. I've witnessed racial profiling against students and male teachers. Maybe 5-7 phenomenal teachers. The rest have no business teaching. Each time I've visit the school I've witnessed an authority figure yell at a student. I've got personal video to prove it. The front desk clerk (1 of 2) is mean. Today was the last straw when she yelled at my kinder in front of me & other moms/students for getting a name sticker from the desk ledge, which she has done since she could reach it at 2 yrs of age. When this happened the room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop. My daughter was shocked & embarrassed & this woman should be ashamed of herself for speaking to a child this way. Especially over something as trivial as a sticker. You'll know what I'm referring to if you ever visit the school. Talk with other parents. Don't rely on comments here.

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August 25, 2014

My son is 3rd grader GT student. He really enjoy his school everyday and learn new things. His class class teacher Is so good . I like the principal and other office workers too. All they are so friendly and helpful. I also like the PTA guardian authority. It's a good neighborhood exemplary school with well behaved kids. My son always do well and get A/A+ marks. I appreciate and highly recommend this school. It's a humongous size elementary school with nice look.

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April 29, 2014

This is a great school with great management. I am very proud of the school and the positive impact on the neighborhood.

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April 17, 2014

This school is currently under investigation for injuries to children with disabilities. Please contact the Rosenberg Police department for public notification on these matters..

Submitted by a teacher

February 13, 2014

We moved to Texas from out of state so my daughter transferred over to Hubenak in December. So far the transition has been wonderful. It's safe to say I'm very happy with the school. The staff and teachers have been very helpful and friendly. My daughter loves her teacher and the students seem to be so polite and well behaved. (I pick up and drop off my daughter everyday and I occasionally join my daughter for lunch, so I get to observe the students.) I couldn't ask for ask for things to turn out better.

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September 23, 2013

This is my daughter's first year at Hubenak and so far things are going well. The only complaint I have at this time is the attitude of the receptionist in the front office. She is not friendly. When I walked in the door and she looked at me I smiled and walked up to the counter and waited for about 1 minute before I was acknowledged and it wasn't from her...some nice lady came out of the office with the glass window and asked if I had been helped. I felt the receptionist could have atleast acknowledged my presence so I figured maybe she was having a bad day......the next 2 times I visited the school the same thing happened. I sat down and witnessed it happen to another visitor standing at the counter smiling waiting for some type of response. Again someone other than her was kind enough to ask if everbody had been helped in wbich we both said "No". I feel like she is a representitive of the staff at the school and her attitude should reflect as such but the impression she give is that she is not having a good day, don't like her job, and does not want to be bothered.

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March 27, 2013

Principal and assistant do not listen to parents. The teachers help students with TAKS test. They made my son stay longer and go over his work.

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March 9, 2012

This school is great! The principal is cruel and rude to the students, treats them like soldiers. There isn't any socializing allowed inside the building at all, not even breakfast or lunch. There aren't any skill activities allowed in the classrooms. My child is in 2nd grade and never has anything good to say about her day at school, though she gets great behavior charts and grades, she should be allowed a little excitement in her day.

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November 18, 2011

This school is located in Lakes of Bella Terra, and our daughter completed Kindergarten and is now in 1st grade. We are so pleased with her progress, and attribute that to the wonderful teachers who have rallied behind her and constantly encourage her to push forward. Her test scores have been excellent, and she consistently has a can do attitude when it comes to homework assignments. She's gaining a strong academic foundation at Hubenak.

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July 21, 2011

My child has completed kindergarten and first grade at Hubenak. She has had excellent teachers who have loved on her and kept her challenged. I have seen consistency in a high level of quality in her classes as well as those in upper grades as evidence by their very high test scores. Hubenak has provided fun academic programs to help get parents involved. Her music programs have been excellent and all specials classes seem to have the same high level of excellence as the academic classes. I look forward to four more years at Hubenak, watching my little husky grow!

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April 28, 2011

I am a parent of a fifth grader at Hubenak. While I am not happy with several things ie. school rules, admin- at this school there are a few things worth mentioning. My child performed betterbthan ever on TAKS, we have been blessed to have good teachers this year and last. But what I need to mention is a teacher that has taken the time to get to know my child as a person and I know she Ioves my kid. From what I hear, the kids love her and respect her bc she treats them as her own. Mrs. Wells has given my child the self confidence they were lacking and taught my kid that reading isn't so bad or hard after all. I have chatted with Mrs. Wells at several school functions and can tell you that you should consider yourself lucky if your child gets to be in her class. I don't wantbto focus on all the negatives I see at this school but did feel the need to praise this teacher and to mention that my child has also enjoyed science labs this year.

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November 22, 2010

This school is very quick to act in cases where a child qualified under a 504 (Special Needs and Disabilities Act). I'm happy with the way his main teacher, Mrs. O'Donnell, responds to his individual ways of learning. He finally is reading, loves math and RUNS to do his homework every day. Thank you AP, for taking him under your wing and recognizing the unique little person he is underneath his mental conditions. Thank you, principal, for being patient, professional and thorough, and also for recognizing that he does have unusual patterns of great potential and intelligence in areas he chooses. Thanks, Tiffany, for the love and kindess you offer to him. He needs a break sometimes from loud noises and overstimulation. Thanks Nicole, for making him giggle and distracting him when he's in "angry mode". Thanks Mynette, for working so quickly with Dr. Trani to make sure everything is in place for his 504 needs coming up very soon and for calming him down when needed. The only thing I would change is specials. Autistic kids have very different needs and cannot be forced to conform to singing in groups of sticking to the less challenging eras of art.

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