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Oyster Creek Elementary School8

Sugar Land, TX | Fort Bend County


September 19, 2014


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September 17, 2014

This is my daughters second year at oyster creek, she is now in the 5th grade. Since day 1 the receptionist has given us grief. Every time either my husband or I have gone there she's given us so much trouble. She gives unnecessary attitude and seems to always be in a bad mood. Don't understand why she would work front desk with such a bad attitude. Apart from this lady my daughter had complained of the her teachers yelling at students. This is obviously the wrong field of work for these ladies. I'm glad this is her last year at this school. Its one of the worst staffed. Too many young and unexperienced, and too many grumpy older ones!!!!

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August 1, 2008

Wonderful, caring teachers!! I would like for Ft Bend ISD to set up paying lunch monies online like Pearland ISD. This way the students can't misplace their money.

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July 3, 2008

Excellent teachers with good parental support. Children excel with respect for authority which is necessary in this day and age.

January 24, 2007

We have been very unsatisfied with Oyster Creek and really Fort Bend ISD in general. Unlike Alief and HISD, Fort Bend has no GT curriculum. The teachers are sent to a few workshops and throw a few logic worksheets at the children and they call that a GT program. When I asked how my child's teachers were 'differentiating' the curriculum for my child, they had no answers. At Open House when I try to ask questions related to the GT students and what will be done for them I am told that I can make an appointment to discuss that because it doesn't apply to all the students. There are no extra-curricular activities designed for them and what their interests might be, no chess club, no science club.

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March 31, 2006

My Child has attended Oyster Creek since Kindergarten. This school has diminished my fear of having my child in a public school. I find the school very well organized and the teachers to be very caring of the well being of the children.

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January 11, 2006

My child came from a private school enviornment and has attended Oyster Creek from 3rd to the 5th grade.Extracurricular activites were great! My child was a part of student council,blue jay choir,blue jay news,and guitar to name a few. The teachers really care about their students and safety of their students.Although I believe the GT program is exceptional! My only complaint is in the GT program if your child does not test qualify to remain in GT classes every year they are placed as a 'filler' for only one year. Then your child is removed from the program and returned to regular classes without reviewing how well the child was challenged and exceeded academically. Overall Oystercreek is a great school my five year old will begin there next year.

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September 15, 2005

Great school. Terrific teachers and a diverse student population.

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February 14, 2005

I am not 100% satisfied with this schools approach to helping children with special needs. My child was struggling starting in the 1st grade and I fell that he would be extremely behind if I wouldn't of stayed on top of things. Almost like he would have fallen through the cracks. I think that the principal of this school needs to focus more on his students and their education and not so much on the TAKS scores. I feel that if a teacher is doing his/her job then the students should be able to take the testing with no extra preperation except for teaching them how to take a test so they are not so overwhelmed.

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