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Seven Lakes High School9

Katy, TX | Fort Bend County


September 5, 2014

This school is big yes, crowded yes, and most kids come from well off families. I would also have to agree that the students have given this school it marks, freshman teachers are the worst, but so far sophomore teachers seem better. Principle has no idea what's happening in his school for instance he has a health teacher that is late to class pretty much every single day, and then leaves early and skips classes, no one seems to care. Football rules any other sports take back seat to use of facilities, no one seems to care. This is not school specific but if your kids don't play the sport competitive team outside of school it's hard to make varsity sports in Texas. The downsize of such a competitive academic school is that the top 30% of this school sophomore class has 4.0 GPA or higher with a 4.2 u are in the bottom of the top 25%, which this is not a teacher given, the students work their tails off for it, hours of studying and homework every night. Best advice for parents if you want them to attend this school their freshman year, they need to take band, theatre, and participate in sports all through junior high. Everything is more competitive in Texas!

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August 6, 2014

Cultural diversity and positive challenging environment. Due to the nature of my job my family is used to relocate every 2~3yrs, so my kids have been in numerous schools around the world and this enables us to compare. This is definitely a GREAT school that despite its size and the size of its population they do an excellent job at start preparing kids for their next step in college. Isn't that what you look for in a high school anyway?

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May 30, 2014

This is an outstanding school. I have to laugh at the whiners on here who complain about it being too competitive or the students being stuck up. We moved here during my son's sophomore year and he made friends very quickly (and we are far from rich). He is a B average, academic level student who for the most part, has really liked his teachers. Over the last two years he has gotten involved in a number of extracurricular organizations and made many great HS memories. The people complaining on this site would probably complain no matter where they attended.

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May 22, 2014

This school is good preparation for college and the work place. It offers a variety of classes and elective options. The music programs are EXCELLENT. While some may feel it is too competitive, I would argue the kids learn they are not entitled to any free passes. I would agree there is a big disparity between the accelerated and regular academic classes, no one can argue that an "average student" should be able to make good grades in the latter classes. My oldest child is graduating from Seven Lakes in two weeks and my second oldest child will be graduating this coming year. While no school is perfect, if you are looking for a high school in Katy, TX it is the best.

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April 25, 2014

I feel compelled to let other people know that this school is not all it's cracked up to be! I was aware prior to enrolling my son that the school was competitive. That's fine, for those that want that. However, for those kids who are just "regular", this school doesn't have a place for them. Really. Everything, and I mean everything is a competition. From buying a parking pass, to volunteering, to actually hoping to try a sport or extracurricular. If you aren't already great at it, forget it! It has not been a good school experience for us! It should not be ranked 9 out of 10. Maybe at one point it was a "great" school, but it has lost its way and needs to have a wake up call! Seven Lakes needs to remember that they are a HS, not a college. They are a school for all kids, not just super bright, super talented, super athletic ones. We are counting down the days until summer!

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March 30, 2014

So it's my first day at seven lakes and I walk in thinking everyone's nice and this school will be great. That's what they told me so I believe them. Well I really wish I took back that thought right after 1st period. After a while I started to notice that you have to either be a something to be noticed in this school. In this school you have to be in a sport, club, or have outstanding academic achievements to be considered a somebody. If your not like someone else your invisible to EVERYONE including the teachers. Not to mention there are so many kids in one class room the teachers have barely anytime for one on one with a student. Everyone in this school is rich and snobby and it's so annoying. So if your thinking of bringing your kid here, good luck.

March 14, 2014

School Building/Facilities: Awful, jail like with no windows, and 4000 students crammed into a quarter mile area. Teachers: Uncommitted and bored due to the over-emphasis on "teaching to the test" Students: Extremely diverse and multi-cultural, very globally aware with students from every corner of the world Demographics: >95 % above the $150k family income bracket, but little elitism to be found Acheivement: Statistics show that SLHS has incredible academic acheivement in the state of Texas, and decent athletic as well Overall: It is a school where the ratings and adornments have little to do with the actual atmosphere. The reality is that this school is hyper-competitive, and too much emphasis is placed on standardized testing. What makes it amazing, however, is the incredible community spirit and student acceptance- It is the highly educated backgrounds from which they come that defines their success, not the inefficient administration of Katy ISD.

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February 13, 2014

This school (SLHS) is the most stuck up, snobby, close minded school I have ever attended. The kids are bullies, insecure, and so unaccepting to anyone who isn't like they are. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. They will flat out lie to you to think that you are going in to a great, fun, accepting school, then after a while, you will see how "nice" the kids are. The teachers will do practically anything to make sure you get an A. Obviously because it's kA+y isd... This place is horrible. Everyone acts like they are better than everyone else while being so insecure that they have to dress the same. They have 4 lunches starting at 10:48 and the last lunch ends at 12:43 because of the almost 4,000 kids that go there. Don't plan on driving to school either there is a waiting list, even for seniors who have priority over everyone. Don't go here... The only reason I gave it a star is because you have to.

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November 6, 2013

These school grounds are probably the best you will ever find anywhere in a public school. At a cot to tax payers of more than $70Million, I am sure you can imagine, there is nothing more you can ask for from a building. Only if buildings made for good schools. Well it doesn't. Evidently standard tests and an inordinate amount of homework does. this place is just plane cold, and yes student writers, I have read your comments, and I understand what you mean. Even as a parent I am given the brush off on many occasions, I can only imagine how my son feels. Now let me say this. If your child is a self starter...motivated, and just gets it with all of their classes, where studying is just second nature, and passing tests is a breeze, then this is the school for you and your child. I have one of those too...and he does well. I also thoguh have a very creative, free thinker, who struggles, and finds studying a chore...for this son, I have to bolster the curriculum with tutors, encouragement, and just plane roll up your sleeves parenting. This school is not cut out for this type of student...it is a factory, and run a foul od the cookie cutter student, and you will be run over!

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October 28, 2013

Although the School is still overcrowded by the rapid development of the Katy area (even with Tompkins HS already open), the school is academically excellent, and challenge its students to look for the best learning experience. I'm very happy that my son (already in his senior year) is part of SLHS. His academic preparation and hard work earn him access to be invited to the best Universities/colleges nationwide, and also to receive letters for merit scholarships. SLHS is really engaged in preparing the students to be easily admitted on almost any college, and even with only 8 years since opened; it already earned a well deserved fame among top colleges due the excellent academic preparation of its students. So for those people that don t pursue this goal, SLHS could be hard academically, sure, but as a parent, I can t see any better place to prepare students for university live.

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September 30, 2013

First off, the only reason that this school deserves 2 stars is because of the incredible openness/acceptance and community spirit- On part of the students. You find people from around the world, literally from everywhere, and this enables students to be open-minded and culturally educated. But as a school, SLHS is simply awful. They try to portray themselves as an "award winning", "academically excellent" environment but it is hyper-competitive and negative. In reality, it is simply a badly-run, poorly-designed, school with tons of money and really smart students (not due to the school). Impossible to make friends because of the huge size. Uninterested/unmotivated teaching staff, and over-the-top emphasis on standardized testing and constant studying. 99% of students come from the upper-middle class, 175k + income bracket, highly educated parents, and this is what defines the school, not Katy ISD. Sure, it looks good on paper but you have to dig deep to see the true ugly underneath.

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September 26, 2013

I moved to the Katy area in the middle of my freshman year, i am now a junior. it was hard to adjust academically. i moved from NY where the passing grade was a 65 or above and here at Seven lakes it is 70 or above which i think is outrageous. The mandatory classes they make you take here do not match up with other states. when i came in the end of November i was put into World History which is a sophomore class. it was also Pre-AP and they refused to let me switch out because I came after the first 6 weeks. Another thing, i had missed almost a month of school and even at the academic levels, the curriculum moves a a very fast pace. The fall semester finals were just a mere 3 weeks a way when i moved here and i was expected to take all of them and know the material like the back of my hand. I went to every single tutorial but beyond that it was in my hands. i studied every night but on top of learning new material in class and the old material it was next to impossible. However aside from the extremely high competitive academics, the student body is very nice and diverse. the only problem is people are very judgmental. i had to make myself presentable in order to make friends.

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September 15, 2013

This school, just like the entire Katy ISD creates a lot of hype about its rating. And keeping its official rating is all Katy ISD cares about. As parents you should ask yourself a question if this rating really matters to you when your child will be attending a school that is overcrowded , understaffed and does not even provide your child with textbooks when they get short. Would you want your child to study in a mobile home classroom since the school is out of space? Or do you think your child will get sufficient teacher's attention at SLHS that has roughly 1 teacher for every 40 students and during dismissals your child would have to navigate through stampede in the hallways of SLHS? Beware also that there have been recent cases of students bringing weapons to schools and suicidal students at Katy ISD. Do not make a mistake we did and find a better place to live. Or if you really want to live in Katy, settle where new schools are built.

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August 14, 2013

Great school. Put Greater Houston Area on national stage through their awesome Scioly acievements (6th in 2013). Teachers, students and parents work together to get the result. Right place to be for my kid.

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June 6, 2013

I graduate in 08 and I loved SLHS. I was the first class to graduate and transferred my sophomore year because the school I attended my freshman year was a nightmare. SLHS immediately felt like home. The teachers were nice, the students were great, and I loved the administration. When I had my leg surgery everyone helped me to make sure I didn't get behind. I hope to come back and work here and give back to a school who gave so much to me.

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