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Needville J High School8

Needville, TX | Fort Bend County


April 1, 2009

We moved to Needville a few years ago and it seems that since my children were not 'born and raised' in this fine community it is very difficult for them to be accepted. The school thrives on clicks (from parents to teachers and on down to the kids). I have found administration will pretty much do what they want reguardless of input from the parents and some times staff. On the plus side it is safer than were we lived before, my kids have made friends but usually it is not those kids born and raised in needville but those like us that have moved in after birth. I like living with no neighbors.

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June 29, 2005

Great small town with excellent school programs. Advanced academic programs, challenging basic academic programs are second to none. Needville is big on the big four sports (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball-softball) and Bluejay pride is evident from the Kindergarten level. For a town of this size, the PTA is large and parental involvement is evident in the hallways before school starts each morning. Booster club membership is high. One thing to note - Needville is old school and if strict discipline while learning is not your idea of teaching - don't move to Needville.

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January 7, 2004

Excellent school with wonderful facilities and a dedicated and caring staff. Highly recommended.

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