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Seven Lakes J High School10

Katy, TX | Fort Bend County


September 16, 2014

Having bought a house within the boundary of this school, our realtor assured us that SLJH is great. As a parent who has lived in many states around the country and a teacher as well, I wanted to hold off on my review. However, I had several observations that are worth some pondering thus far. They are: a) teachers are not too keen on correcting/providing guidance on incorrect behaviors that are quite visible and audible in the hallways, cafeteria and classrooms. I get that academic wise they are great however, students also need to be modeled and must be corrected about inappropriate words or actions. Respect &/or courtesy are important characters that we all need whether as young adults or in the work force. b) The front office folks are not too favorably disposed to helping you when you come in. When I came in, the office mgr was on the phone, yet the other ladies continued their conversations, as they ignored me & another parent. c) My son reports that bullying exist and teachers are ignoring it &/or sweeping it off under the carpet. Hoping some changes will occur. I see parents on the hallways & as volunteers. Let us not be blind or mute to what we see or hear.

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August 6, 2014

One of the best middle schools in KISD. Excellent teachers led by an outstanding principal make this a unique environment. This was the main reason we decided to purchase our new home in the area.

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May 26, 2014

Generally SLJH is just fine. But PE classes are bad sometimes. Some PE coaches don't care much about students at their classes. They just let kids go play themselves without any coach supervision. So sometimes kids engaged in horseplay each other. Some PE coaches seldom teach kids any sports skills as well at their PE classes. There is no good supervision on cafeteria sometimes as well. So some big kids did some bad things over little kids for food even in front of teachers sometimes and teachers just ignored these and walked away.

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January 14, 2013

My family relocated here during the summer 2012 when Seven Lakes was just opening. My son would have originally been attending Woodcreek but apparently it was overcrowded and with the growing population in Katy, Seven Lakes Junior High was built. I love this school. The teachers and principal really care about the students and try their best to make sure the students are learning in a comfortable and safe environment. They really push the students to do their best by offering Pre-AP and GT classes to the ones who may need more of an academic challenge. This really helps to better prepare the students for high school. The principal gives weekly updates on what is happening at school and gets the parents involved as necessary. The teachers reply to calls and emails in a timely manner and are empathetic to any concerns you may have. I have no complaints about this school.

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