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De Chaumes Elementary School8

Houston, TX | Harris County


February 28, 2015

Great school because of great principle and teachers! All the teachers dedicate so much to their students and it really shows!

Submitted by a parent

December 7, 2014

Well i think this is a great school! The school is new and improved. Also my two daughters go to this school and my oldest daughter is 5 th rightnow and ahe is really smart and im proud of that and the teachers are really putting alot of effort this past years but some parents may not know that. My little one is in pre-k and she already knows how to read and write words! I suggest u go to this school because its the best school i have ever seen. By the way. They have plenty of magnificent field trip but what i like most is that they have UIL. Wich is a competition they have .my daughter goes to it and she brings back home many trophies and medals!! So if u think this school is bad than yall need to clear yalls minds and relax because u need to change that opinion. Well hopedu liked my review

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August 22, 2012

I have my children sent here and they love it! The principal is excellent and a true leader. They were a Tier 1 school in the past several years! The teachers work hard and are all very kind!

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September 12, 2011

my son went to this school many years ago. there was no parental participation because the principal discouraged it heartily. After first grade I sent him to Lyons, which was and is a great school. But times have changed. Dechaumes has a brand new beautiful bldgs that the community can be proud of. I've heard the principal is on the job. Now my grandson is coming of age. If Dechaumes can get at least a recognized, I will speak to my son about trying Dechaumes again.

June 3, 2008

The school seems to be improving because of the posotive changes the new school prinicpal has made. There is some teachers that do not put enough effort in teaching the kids that need it the most. A handful of teachers are very good at what they do. My son attended DeChaumes, he came from an exemplary avance headstart program and his progress was very good that is until he attended DeChaumes, but I blame it on the teacher because some need to care more and put more effort into what they do for the children at this school. I demand that the school makes more changes and improvemnts so all of the children will be successful in their future.

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October 3, 2006

This school has improved in recent years, however, there are still many problems left unresolved. There is a serious need for special education services. The teachers are very good, but don't put forth effort to work more with kids who need extra help. The accomodate to the majorities, and forget the other students who don't fall into that group. Lack of communication within administration as well as with parents. Low parental involvement, and when parents try to get involved, they are given the run around or disregarded. There are some good points, if your child is lucky enough to get the right teacher, as long as the child isn't in need of extra help or attention. Test scores are low and they don't seem to be implementing ways to improve them.

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April 19, 2006

Though there aren't enough English only classes to meet the needs of the community, the classes that are offered are led by an excellent administration and teaching staff. The after school programs that have been added recently are a very good outlet and very beneficial to the children of the community, offering them positive exposure to things that were not available to them before. Teachers at this school are very dedicated to the students. The primary downfall of the school, I believe, is there aren't as many extra programs available that are needed, such as speech, resource, and special education services. This school has improved from previous years, but still could use some work as far as being up to date on very necessary services. Good school for the most part.

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September 27, 2005

This school has minimal extracurricular activities, bu this is in large part due to lack of parental involvement. The academic programs are a bit weak, but it is obvious that improvements are being made to correct this discrepancy.

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September 22, 2004

My two children attend this school and I was not happy with their multi-grade classes 03/04 for many reasons, no prior notice. Teachers always having to be out. My daughter was having many problems and her grades lowered from prior years. Of course the principal believes in forcing parents to believe this is the best, when kids aren't giving full attention specially because teachers are out for training more than in class teaching the kids. Principal is not good with returning messages, her phone calls are screened 5 times before she actually returns one. not a happy mother.

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February 3, 2004

My child has been attending this school since 8/03 in a multi-age classroom set up which was prematurely implemented. As such, teachers are out of the classroom more than necessary in the principal's attempt to fix the problems from prematurely implementing multi-age instruction thereby leaving the children at a loss for the full instruction they are entitled. This type of instruction has prevented my child from progressing at an appropriate pace. I would not recommend this school and will be moving my child for the 2004/2005 school year. The principal turns a deaf ear to parents concerns about the matter.

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