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Hairgrove Elementary School8

Houston, TX | Harris County


September 24, 2013

his school celebrates punishment of a young child by spending money on forms for five-years-old to sign for disciplinary action but when it comes to their graduation to them it means nothing. They invite parents to attend a celebration where the parent was only allowed to take a picture of them with the children then they showed us the exit, my was done in less than 15 minutes. I couldn't hug or talk to my child. It would be less costly to do something meaningful to celebrate their accomplishment than what is being spend on intimidating young children and making them feel like criminals for their learning experiences. This school lacks on common sense and have no idea on how to teach young children. They can have degrees, certifications and experience but common sense either you have it or you don't. The administrators do not communicate with parents before sending a five year old child to detention instead they make the five year old sign the detention form. Then how dare a child destroy a wall with a paperclip and when the parent asks to see the damage they do not know where the damage was done. They don't communicate with parents before nor after the incidents. Glad to be out!

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August 24, 2013

My daughter attended this school her Kinder yr. I noticed an immediate change in her behavior and attitude. I hate that she had to go to Hairgrove! We finally found another option. I think the Staff and Teachers really care about the students, but it's the students that cause the problems at this school! There's only so much the school can do...I think due to the area there's a lack of discipline, persistent bullying, and overall disorder. If you watch the parents at this school...it's no wonder some of these kids are so disrespectful. Granted, there are some really great parents at this school however, they are not the majority. As a full time working Mom; I could only manage to make it to the school office every week or so. Ideally, a parent should be up there every day making sure that there child is learning and not being bullied and ignored. There are better elementary schools in the area/district. IF your child has to go here... stay involved as much as possible! Chances are your child is not exaggerating about NOT wanting to go to school. OH, and my daughter stayed sick her first semester. Wish Teachers would be more proactive about not letting sick kids come to class!

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July 24, 2011

we love haigrove! the teachers are wonderful, they communicate very well. All the staff is friendly and wonderful!

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April 22, 2010

The teacher are wonderful,very passionate about good quality teaching. Most importantly very caring.

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September 17, 2004

We are fairly new to [the] public school system. My son previously attended private school. He had a little trouble adjusting,especially to math. His teachers were very helpful and encouraging. He attended math [a]tutoring program in third grade and now as a new fifth grader, math is one of his favorite subjects, as well as one of his best. Everyone I've communicated with is very professional and seems sincerely interested in my children: Principal, teachers, aids, front desk. I am very proud of our school.

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June 2, 2003

PPCD was over crowded, which is not their fault, they are very rigid people. Not friendly at all. They don't like you to drop in to visit your special needs child, notes were rare and incomplete. Teacher was a little better than the one our son had at Metcalf.

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