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Sampson Elementary School10

Cypress, TX | Harris County


November 24, 2014

Last year at the school before moving on to Middle School. My daughter and us, as parents, will indeed miss this school very much! My child has been challenged by the curriculum in this school and, with work, has succeeded! This school seems to be the sun around which the community revolves around. If you contribute to your child's education along with the teacher and keep the lines of communication open, this staff really shines and will meet your child's needs as much as possible. I have never heard of the level of community involvement in an elementary school as I have seen at Sampson. The profile of the community generally contains many motivated professionals and it reflects in the importance they assign to participation in the school. I would not have changed the past five years!

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May 29, 2014

I think this is a great school when it comes to the teachers and my children learning. The Problem is the Power Tripping no fun Principal,and the Boring Pto activities!! I think we should have more family events like a movie night every once and awhile. The school gets $$$$ money from parents and plenty of volunteers use it to have a little more fun,it is an elementary school. The Christmas party was 30 minutes and we had donut Holes and Water!!

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October 1, 2013

Sampson Elementary is the main reason we moved into Cole's Crossing. We have 2 children currently at Sampson. We found that when trying to move into Cole's Crossing it is difficult to quickly get a house because there are so many Cole's residents that are not moving out they're moving around, because they love it. Year after year, Sampson kids consistently score at the highest level acedemically. For example, Sampson Elementary just won the US National Sumdog Math contest this week. Plus, having a great school has helped keep property values high! :-)

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September 5, 2013

I have two children in Sampson Elementary. The open classroom concept is unusual for someone growing up in the 70's, but I have never heard my children complain. Also, the open concept is more in line with how large businesses are run. Overall, our family feels very fortunate to live in Coles Crossing and to have our children attend Sampson Elementary School. The only negative about the school is it lacks ethnic diversity. While it has children of many races, the school is probably 90% Caucasian.

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February 19, 2013

We feel very blessed to be a part of a wonderful school that cares for all of it's children. Our son has blossomed in the Sampson environment.

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September 19, 2012

We have now been at this school for several grades and have only great things to say about not only the school, but the community. The community centers around the school and parent involvement is very high. Parents expect much from Sampson as far as academics/enrichment. The school also expects parent participation to fully "round out" and complete the circle that forms the child. ALL issues with academic "speedbumps" to child interaction concerns have ALWAYS been addressed promptly and appropriately with my child. The communication channels have always been open so that one does not feel in the dark about weekly actions and parental concerns. A parent would have to choose not to communicate to have a problem at this school. The dedication of the staff really shines when it comes to nonacademic issues such as relations with your child and other students. They know how to solve problems or at least create the best environment in which any inter-child issues are minimal. I have yet to meet the apathetic teacher at this school. It takes a community to raise a child along with work. This school recognizes that and I am only more satisfied each year! I'd never consider moving!!

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September 18, 2012

Where do I start?... The problem that I have with this school is the : Open concept classrooms ( very distracting ). Also the fact that if you're child doesn't fit into the " Sampson box" they are totally ignored. It has been a very lonely experience for my childern at this school and in this neighborhood. The staff at this school is not as dedicated as they should be ( to ALL of the students attending this school) they like to pick and choose. I'm currently removing my children from this school and would not recommend Sampson.

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August 9, 2012

All I ever heard was how great Sampson was, and when we returned to Houston after a move to another country, I chose Cole's Crossing specifically for Sampson. I'm sure Sampson is a great school...if you have a child that fits in their box. If your child has any special needs, this is NOT the school for them. They refuse to acknowledge any other testing other than their own, which is done, in my opinion, by a burned out, bitter diagnostician. The only words I have for how I feel about Sampson is disappointed.

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September 25, 2011

An absolutely excellent school and a primary reason for moving to Coles Crossing. The teachers expect much from their students AND from the parents. A combination is the only way to succeed. The open concept is excellent as it prepares kids for performance in "open office" environments. More is expected of the children but the children seem to rise to the challenge. I was introduced to the concept as a student many years ago in HISD's earler gifted programs, then later in private schools with a "college-ready" format. This is similar. The transition/graduation into environments that were more challenging was a cinch. This school provides the closest experience to that. Parent involvement is heavy in this school and the children respond greatly. The community seems to reolve around the school and the sense of pride is palpable. In short, an excellent elementary school!

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March 30, 2011

I am a college student who volunteers at Sampson and if I had children i would definitely send them here. Such a great school with great staff! I also love how they take the visitor passes so seriously. As I am walking around the school (with my appointed teacher) everyone is constantly checking to see if i have my name sticker ( meaning i checked in at the front office with my liscense and i had permission to be there).

September 30, 2010

From the onset of coming to the school, I have had problems. 1) Open concept classrooms - too much noise, 2) lack of communication with teachers and administration, 3) the staff is not willing to work with children that are in between highly intelligent and gifted. On a district level, the curriculum for elementary is convoluted and confusing at best. I have to homeschool in the evenings and summer to ensure my children get an education. I feel parents are up there too much.

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October 23, 2008

I feel tuly blessed that my child goes to Sampson Elementary! The teachers and students are fantastic! The school is located in the neighborhood for easy access by walking, bike or bus.

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February 21, 2006

This is an excellent school. Challenging academic programs with high standards are met because of the high level of parent involvement and excellent teaching skills of the staff. Music, art and sports as well as other extracurricular activities are fun for the kids and well publicized for the parents to be not only informed but also involved. tutoring programs are easisly accesble if required and encouraging to the children who may need them. this is a great choice for your child!

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November 10, 2005

This is s great school located in Coles Crossing

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June 12, 2005

Excellent School. New facilities. Caring teachers. My son has attended for 3 years and he has no complaints.

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