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Birnham Woods Elementary School9

Spring, TX | Montgomery County


April 6, 2014

My son just started kindergarten here. Keeping in mind this is my first child to be of age to attend school I have been impressed with my experience with the school and staff. The staff is very helpful and polite. When I speak to my sons teacher she is very informed about his interested. She is also realistic about his strengths and weaknesses. My favorite thing about the school is that they have a great reward and recognition program for students who behave correctly. It is well balanced and rewards students while not creating a sense of entitlement. There are also a ton of activities and events. As a father I am also impressed by the amount of things that father's are invited to be a part of. If I could ask for one thing to be done better it would be communication. I don't understand why the online slander for the school doesn't have more info on it. The ones that they send home with you child is great but the one on the website lacks even the most basic information making it useless. The website overall feels dated and is not the easiest thing to navigate. Other than that it had been a very pleasant experience.

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April 11, 2013

My son attends Birnham Woods and I must say, I can't wait until he is finished with this school. The lack of communication and ability to work with strongwilled children is disappointing. Teachers are very quick to point fingers at certain students and even go as far as diagnosing students with ADD/ADHD when the student doesn't cooperate. Teachers have forgotten their job is to teach and help kids not dictate and toss aside kids due to the teachers inability to teach properly. If you don't enjoy teaching then get out and find another job. The kids are paying the price for the teachers not doing their jobs correctly. Too much politics involved these days rather than teaching. The leadership in this school is saddening as they have no clue what is taking place nor do they care. They continue to side with the teacher no matter what. I'm very close to contacting my lawyer and filing suit due to situations that have occured.

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February 26, 2013

Love the school and the teachers. Had an issue and after a little while, it was resolved. My son is in first grade and loves it. I volunteer and really enjoy it. I can't wait until my other son is going there too!

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February 3, 2013

This is an incredibly diverse school in all areas. Socio-economics are highly mixed, religion is highly mixed, racially mixed and filled with not only a large GT population but many inclusionary/special needs students. It is also (currently) the largest elementary school in the district (one of the largest in the state). It will lose close to half its population next year with a new elementary school opening. It has it's problems. It also has many good points. Administration is 1 principle and 2 APs. Concerns are always listened to, but they stand behind their staff sometimes to the detriment of the kids, follow protocal a bit too much at times (no gray areas), but if nothing is standing in their way, they go out of their way for the kids. I've had a bullying problem 2x and they jumped all over it. The counselor is excellent. Most the teachers are concerned and approachable, just a few rotten apples and in a school that large, not surprised. Most tend to really look out for the kids and if you are at all slightly involved, you can see how much is done for the students at all times.

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August 5, 2012

The school is very large, shy kids may get overlooked and bullying is ignored... My boys attended 2011-2012 school year. My oldest in 3rd grade had wonderful teachers. However, my 2nd grader was a different story. The lack of communication at this school has me at a lost for words. When we had our final conference with the 2nd grade teachers, I was appalled at the disrespect and rudeness sent towards my husband and I. The Ast. Principal who was also present, seemed clueless to what goes on at the school, and ignored the arrogant attitude coming from one of the teachers. Needless to say, we couldn't wait for our lease to be up, and move far from this school zone. We look forward to attending our new school this year, Timber Creek...

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April 28, 2011

best school ever,they realy teach here at this school,not like other schoolsmy name is rhonda how are u today

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