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Kaufman Elementary School9

Spring, TX | Montgomery County


September 30, 2014

After having had my son in private "school", we moved to the Spring area and enrolled him in Kaufman for Kindergarten. I am shocked at the "system". The greatest priority in this school is to keep the children quiet, sitting quietly, standing in line quietly or doing their work quietly. The classrooms are 22:1 which is the Texas legal limit. The teachers spend more time getting children to be quiet than in actual education. My perspective and experience is that the "system" is very broken and while Kaufman TEKS results puts them in the 10 rating, the experience is a 2 at best. Creative thinking is not part of the program (not even in art class). I could break each class down but it would only be a reiteration of how badly this school approaches education. However sad it is, this is the Texas School System and at Kaufman (Conroe Independent School District) they do not deviate. It is the same in the higher grades. Unfortunately, parents do not know how to advocate for better because most love the "appearance" of great and have no idea how we are setting up our children to fail in the future.

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April 21, 2014

NO! NO! unbelievable CRAZY.. Any parent that is actively involved in their child's education knows this school is NOT what it claims to be.(DO you read and check your child's work thoroughly, IF so your child would not be attending Kauffman) My daughter attended this school and came home consistently with errors on homework sheet and instructions provided by school, examples on test, It was so unbelievable at first that we chalked it up as a mistake but then again and again it happened and every time I asked about it...The staff admitted they made errors. I mean literacy out of control...I started using my cell to take pictures of the errors cause I knew if not seen for yourself it would be unbelievable....Errors included math problems don wrong and spelling and grammar errors in other subject. examples done wrong over and over such as fractions and other math problems when I brought it up to the staff all they could SAY is "we are glad to have parents like you that can point out these errors"...IT WAS AN Nightmare....They tried to minimize the effect and say it was only on HOMEWORK but I also found errors on test. Like several times a problem would have multiple choice no correct

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February 20, 2014

Without a doubt the best school my kids have ever attended. Excellent teachers and staff. My son attended this school 1st thru 3rd grade and my daughter for kinder. Teachers are wonderful at working with kids with learning disabilities.

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August 22, 2013

My Granddaughter will be starting school there as a Kindergartener, and the preliminary introduction provided to us as her family was most impressive. Kaufman is extremely well equipped and beautifully maintained. Her Teacher and her Principal were exceptionally inviting and engaging with our Little Girl, and she is even more excited about attending there than she was before. We feel certain that we made a good choice in Kaufman, and we feel that our Girl will be getting an excellent start to her academic career.

April 19, 2013

Both of my children have attended Kaufman. Yes, there is a high level of parent participation, which is what makes the school so successful. This participation is completely voluntary. Parents are not forced to be involved, those that can be and want to, are. The teachers are all very caring and involved. This is a wonderful school in a great neighborhood. We have had a very positive experience.

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September 3, 2012

I have two children that attend Kaufman elementary. I would say overall this is a wonderful school with good teachers. It is a girls club like the previous reviewer said. When helping out you feel like your back in High School yourself especially in the PTO. The principal is completely ineffective and has zero positive interface with the parents. She's more interested in how she can use the PTO 's money for supplies that should be paid for by tax dollars to the school. She doesn't know the parents names that help out or are at the school all the time. The secretary knows who you are more than the principal.If you get the right teachers they are wonderful and keep you in the loop. God help you if you get one that should of retired long ago. Coming from out of state three years ago I was very overwhelmed at the level of homework that Kindergarten has. You do spend the money here at this school. Between gift cards for the teachers birthdays, Christmas and end of year gifts and fundraisers and supplies it is overwhelming. But I do like the values Kaufman staff and teachers teach to the children. It's nice to know that what you teach your own children at home is enforced.

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January 31, 2012

I have never experienced an elementary school that required such a high level of parent financing. I currently have two children at Kaufman, and they bring home yet another fundraiser or other similar program every two weeks. Between these fundraisers, the school supplies required at the beginning of the year, school party supplies, PTO fundraisers, and gifts for four teachers (they each have two teachers) we have spent much more money than I expected to at a well-funded public school. My second grader's teachers are engaged, supportive, and friendly. I haven't heard from either of my fourth grader's teachers since the beginning of the year, but my child's grades and conduct are fine. The PTO meetings held during the day, as well as the constant requests for parent help at a variety of functions during school hours, show a complete disregard for mothers who have both careers and families. School event fundraisers are plentiful but are invariably held on school nights, which makes participation difficult. On a positive note, my children relate well to their peers. We moved to the district from another region of the U.S., and I am happy to report that they fit right in here.

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November 5, 2011

What a joke! The teachers are smug, arrogant, and the little girls club is alive and well. At a recent conference, confronted with my displeasure at the lack of communication and special testing my child needs, I was accused of yelling, screaming, and name calling. This couldn't be further from the truth! Instead of listening to my concerns, I was dismissed. My child will not be attending this joke of a school much longer. Anyone considering this school, and or neighborhood would be wise to consider spring trails up the street with a dedicated elementary and an exemplary staff. What a difference a few miles makes!

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August 31, 2011

Simply awesome! J.J. Daw and her auspicious staff and teachers should rule the world. Life would be better if all elementary schools were this good.

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July 9, 2011

Kaufman is an excellent school - my children have had a wonderful experience here so far. We haven't had any bad experiences and are very happy here. Other reviews mention detached teachers/staff and no parent/teacher communication.....that is absolutely NOT true. This is one of the best schools in CISD in my opinion and I'm grateful to have a school like this in our neighborhood.

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June 9, 2011

My child is part of the First Class to have completed their elementary years exclusively at Kaufman! The teachers are AMAZING! They go above and beyond to make learning fun, creative, and inspiring for the students. Parental involvement is genuine, authentic, and positive. Fourth grade is quite demanding. One star rating is empty due to the Lack of 4th grade teacher contact with this parent. The rushed approach to teach the test, left students with the daunting task of understanding how to manage organizing the overwhelming amount of worksheets. A little help would have been nice, along with the opportunity to reteach/redo failed graded assignments to a passing grade. TAKS scores reflected commended performance, but were not averaged into final grade. ???? Kaufman Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd experiences were EXCEPTIONAL. Overall.....a Stellar School!!!!

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September 28, 2010

I know for a fact that there were a few teachers that basically had no business being in the classroom...they should have retired or not been renewed. This was a carry over from when the school first opened and a lot of teachers were transferred there just to get rid of them from their previous campuses. That being said, I also know for a fact that there has been a concerted effort over the past year to transition these teachers out of the classroom...and I can tell you that the overall moral and experience for our children has increased dramatically! Not that it was ever really bad, just that now there really are no more bad apples spoiling the bunch! It is truly an exemplary school in all aspects now! Wouldnt have my son there if it wasnt!

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September 22, 2010

Very detached teachers/staff, not willing to invest making a connection with students. The school is very over-crowded and this hurts both students and teachers. No tolerance for imagination or indiviuality.

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July 11, 2010

When we moved here, I was excited about the school. Unfortunately, that soon faded. Parent/teacher communication seems to be difficult for these teachers. You will never be notified of upcoming tests or given study guides to prepare your child and reenforce what she is learning at school, etc. I have had several conferences about this for the past two years and it doesn't help. That will not make efforts to accomodate.

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January 5, 2009

Whne we moved here from another state I was nervous about getting my children involved and feeling a part of this school commmunity. We have had wonderful experiences with all of the teachers, administrators and PTO. If you wish to be involved there are plenty of ways open to do just that. We especially like the family activities planned to get the school community together. This is a group of very hard working dedicated professionals with the children's best interests at heart.

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