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Lakewood Elementary School8

Euless, TX | Tarrant County


August 2, 2013

I recently attempted an intra-district transfer for my soon to be Kindergarten son. We currently live right on the zone line between Lakewood and North Euless, but our living situation is temporary, and the home we will be purchasing is in the Lakewood zone. I reached out to the Principal Julie McAvoy and explained our situation and why it would be in the best interest of our child to start him at the same school that he will attend for the next 6 years. She told me her secretary would contact me, which she did... she was rude, unprofessional and spoke to me like I was a child and said, "If I were you, I would just register at North Euless and hope there is even space available for your son there. We don't know how many returning students we are going to have this year and there is a strong possibility that he may not even end up in the elementary school in our zone. So I guess I just register my child on Monday and we play Russian Roulette to see which school he gets bumped to?? Not a good first impression of Lakewood at all!

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July 30, 2013

this school has been amazing. I saw a prior post saying if you weren't from the area you would not be welcome well that is completely false. I have two boys (twins) who first came to this school last year and were welcomed with open arms from the teachers and staff. If I ever had an issue with anything all issues were addressed immediately. This school and its staff has went above and beyond to make my childrens learning environment a great one. The teachers care and they take time to reach out to you if they ever have a concern. Thank you Lakewood for all you do!!!!

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September 2, 2012

This is our second year at Lakewood and we love it! They have excellent teachers that help our kids to exceed at what they are doing. They are challenged and determined to academically teach advance learning skills that will help in the years to come. I have not had any problems with the staff or the teachers. The kids enjoy going as well and have made many friends. The library is excellent and allows parents to check out books as well and be involved with the students. Also they have many additional programs that kids can take such as Strings.

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February 28, 2012

This is our first year in HEB and I can honestly say I'm less than pleased with the school. My child has had a problem with one individual in regards to bullying. I have on 2 occasions sent emails to the school in reference to this matter and have yet to see a suitable outcome or any outcome for that matter. During PE my child was hit intentionally in the face with a ball by another student. This happened around 10:00am by 1:30pm she still had not been seen by the school nurse. Needless to say I had a problem with this. Upon asking the assistant principle for reason as to why she hadn t been seen (as the assistant principal was the one who guaranteed me my child would see the nurse) her response: I m sorry it was my fault. If your child is not an A student that can sit still for 8 hours I would highly recommend another school. HEB is a closed community if you are not from the area originally please be forewarned you will not receive a warm welcome.

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November 8, 2011

This is our first year in the HEB District. I have not been impressed and am actually a bit disappointed. I am sure the teachers are just as qualified as those in other districts but the principal and staff in general lack in professionalism and courtesy. My child is classified "special ed" with learning disabilities and when we entered the district we had to do an entrance A.R.D. not a big deal, no changes made to his I.E.P. His 30 day A.R.D. however we made changes and in the middle of the meeting I caught the principle making "wrap it up" motions with her hands to the other parties involved behind my back. Mind you, what takes them at least a week to prepare for and sort out, a parent is expected to understand all the ins and outs of what will be put in place for their child in a 1 to 2 hour meeting (depending on how many representatives are present, ie diagnosticians, psychologist, therapist, teachers, etc.) I have also had the receptionists talk to me like a child, become rude and irritated with the questions as if I should already know the answer. I asked what time my sons class lunch was and they informed me they discourage parents visiting. Not at all parent friendly.

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October 8, 2011

Lakewood Elementary is by far one of the best schools in the area. My children have been involved with Suzuki strings, choir, and running club. The teachers are very dedicated to the success of each student. If you are a parent and want to get involved...this is the place to be. The PTA is a wonderful group of moms and dads that are working together for the many children at Lakewood. Do you think your child needs to be challenged? Is character important to you?

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March 9, 2011

My child had previously attended another great school in H.E.B.I.S.D.. So when we outgrew our house and it was time to move, we couldn't imagine leaving H.E.B.. The leadership at the district is unmatched in the area, and that filters down to every level. We knew to expect a great school, and were still pleasantly surprised by Lakewood's active PTA and teachers' dedication, in and out of the classroom. Many teachers even stay after school to run clubs for students in older grades (4th-6th). Running club meets two days a week and by the end of the semester the kids will be running 3 miles and training for a chairity 5k! Drama club, creative writing club, choir, are just a few of the other afterschool activities. The schoolday activities are on par with every other exceptional school in the district, but the afterschool activities really set Lakewood apart.

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September 23, 2010

This is our second year here; last year we didn't know anyone or what to expect. The atmosphere here is very family oriented with lots of extra curricular and rewarding programs for the kids including arts/music and technology. The learning environment is clean and organized with great teachers and staff. Lakewood has involved parents from all demographics. The kids are recognized for good character, as well as grades. My child is advance for her age, but is still learning so much.

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June 29, 2010

Lakewod Elementary has great teachers, staff and Curriculum. I can tell they want to see the kids achieve good grades.

May 28, 2010

This was our 1st year with the school, and I have 3 children that attend. I had 1 child in Kindergarden, and 2 in the 3rd grade. The teachers have done so much for my children, and have worked with each of them on individual basises for each of their issues!! My children have never been tested mentally like this before. But, the outcome was each of my children have made better grades, and my daughter even made the A/B honor roll for her 1st time ever.. The counselors are always available to talk to and answer all your concerns and questions!! We have decided to make sure we stay in the area even when our lease is up so that our children can continue to stay in this wonderful school... I have never seen an elemtary school so dedicated to their students in my life!!!

October 15, 2009

Lakewood has been such a wonderful school. My daughter has been there for 3 years now and we have just had the best teachers! We love all of the people there and the kids and parents too.

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July 22, 2009

Lakewood is a wonderful school. There is a sense of community about this school. The new principal there really cares about the kids. My only drawback would be the 5th grade teachers. 5th grade is a tough tansition time and the teachers do not seem to accomodate for that with the kids. They expect them all to be the same and there is too much control and yelling. With that said....this is the only downfall that I have found at this school myself.

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December 1, 2008

Great School Wish my kids were still there. Ms. Gilly was great

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November 9, 2008

We moved to Lakewood about a year and a half ago and let me tell you that this is like finding a hidden gem in the middle of the city! My kids and I both LOVE this school. They have learned things at this school that the old school district we atteneded in would have never dreamed of teaching our kids. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and go way above and beyond to teach the children in this school.

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July 11, 2008

this school is great my kids learn so much

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