Mistakes To Avoid

One key element to success is to avoid mistakes. Identifying mistakes to avoid is something that can only be achieved through experience. As such, if you are a first-time home seller, we have put together this guide to help you identify some of the most dangerous mistakes that you should avoid making when selling your home.

Not Optimizing Online Presence

In today’s day and age, almost every individual looking to buy a home would first browse for homes through online listings. As such, it is essential to ensure that your listing has a powerful online presence to grab the attention of as many interested parties as possible.

One of the most important elements of online property listings is the quality of listing photographs. High-definition photographs make properties much more appealing and desirable as compared to one that looks shabbily snapped with a phone. Apart from taking high-quality photos, also be sure to have at least 15 of such photos to give buyers assurance of the property’s consistency. You should also make the effort to caption your photographs and describe the pros of living in the area, such as nearby entertainment amenities.

If you plan to take listing photographs by yourself, we recommend using a wide-angled lens to showcase a wide and clear view of rooms. You should also be sure to include both exterior and interior shots of the property. If you wish to engage the help of a professional photographer, you can also consider working with Realty Kings Properties instead. Realty Kings Properties provide every client looking to sell a home with a team of real estate experts, and have in-house property photography experts as well as listing experts to sell your home at the best price.

Expecting Asking Price from Buyers

As soon as you decide to sell off a property, the next immediate step to take is to identify the value of your home, before coming up with an acceptable range of price you are willing to accept. Without a firm asking price, many home buyers will take the opportunity to negotiate for a price much lower than the market value. Many inexperienced home sellers make the mistake of rushing to close a deal, leaving a lot of money on the table given the costly price of properties.

To ascertain what would be a good asking price for your property, you simply need to identify the prices of homes on sale that are similar to yours. In doing so, you should ensure that the properties you compare against are in the vicinity of the home you are planning to sell. After all, the location of properties plays a huge role in a property’s asking price.

After which, refrain from setting an asking price that is too high. Overvalued properties only turn off interested home buyers. Instead, a lower asking price helps to generate traction and interest, allowing you to negotiate with potential buyers a price that is reasonable for both parties.